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    • Inglorious at Stondeaf. Worth a watch.

    • Inglorious announce supports for the up and coming Autumn tour.

      Look out for facebook posts each weekday starting Monday.

    • Inglorious are looking forward to playing Ramblin' Man fair this weekend.
      See you all there.

    • Inglorious dates revealed. for UK and Europe.

    • Inglorious to tour the U.K. and Europe in the late autumn.
      Nathan says
      "We toured the UK and Europe earlier this year but couldn't schedule in all the places we wanted to go to. This time round we are bringing the noise to alot of those towns. We are so thankful to our incredible fans and cant wait to play music from our 3 albums to you all. We are going to some legendary venues and I can honestly say after playing some of the biggest festivals in Europe with this band we are ready to kick some serious arse and we are taking no prisoners. We're also gonna play a few songs that we haven't played for a while... See you there."


      “This album is different in many ways.
      The songs came about very quickly. as with all our songs we start with a riff, and this time having New guitarist Drew added a new grungier, heavier feel to a couple of songs. We wrote the basics mostly together all in one room on acoustic guitars and then I went away and crafted the stories I wanted to tell. for me this album is very personal. I am for the first time writing about a lot of my feelings, relationships and losses...I lost my grandfather and one of my best friends this year and I had to write about these wonderful people I was lucky enough to have in my life. I also had moments since the last album where I was extremely angry with people, so there is a bit of that in this album too. sonically Kevin Shirley has made this album sound different to our last, we feel it’s a heavier sounding and more produced, we spent a lot of time in the studio making sure we were all really happy with our sounds.”
      “We’re all really happy with the way the new record sounds and look forward to seeing how the fans receive it. I personally can’t wait to play the new material live on the road!”





    Inglorious are five young men with a mutual love and respect of the classics of Hard Rock music, big guitar riffs, and soulful vocals.  Their influences stem from iconic rock and roll shrine of Rock albums from the 1970s – many years before the band members were born.

    The same albums that have inspired generations of musicians and performers are noticeably evident when you listen to the Inglorious debut album.  This is the music they were born to play together - inspired by bands in the classic rock genre as diverse as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Bad Company, Aerosmith, the Rolling Stones, to name a few.

    Formed in February 2014, the band is fronted by Nathan James, who made a name for himself having sung for the multi-platinum selling Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Scorpions guitar legend Uli Jon Roth.  Nathan was looking for like-minded musicians that desired to make incredible rock music in a very honest fashion.

    Nathan thought to himself, “Why are those classic albums so awesome?” He realised it was because “the musicians were recording in an organic way; they could track it live and capture amazing energy."

    “Not only in rock but in Motown and even classical music they tracked everyone in the room at the same time,” adds Nathan.  “The air movement from a bass drum, that same excitement you get when you perform, and that's exactly how I wanted the album to feel." Nathan wanted all his fellow musicians in the room at the same time, no click tracks, no auto tune and no overdubs. He wasn't willing to compromise.  Says Nathan - "For so long people have been hiding mistakes, singers using auto tune to make them sound perfect, double tracking to make it sound bigger and using click to play in time. There is none of that on this album.

    This record is about vibe, feeling, excitement, energy and performance of songs we all wrote together. That's how it came out that day and it will never be exactly the same again. We captured a series of moments that make up our debut album."

    Inglorious is composed of the inimitable frontman Nathan James, guitarist Danny Dela Cruz who partners Dan Stevens in an Inglorious dual axe attack, renowned Brazilian bassist Vinnie Colla, and drummer Phil Beaver (who was once  signed to Mick Fleetwood’s label while still at school) A line-up that heralds a brand new era for the rising British stars.

    Inglorious completed their second album in summer of 2016 when the had a few free weeks from a 80 show touring run that saw them tour the UK and Europe with The Winery Dogs, The Dead Daisies, Last in Line and Steel Panther. They recorded it at the world famous Parr St studios in Liverpool and it was engineered by Tony Draper.

    The studio the band tracked live in was the same one that Coldplayrecorded the clocks album in. The band wanted to keep the live energy like the first album but this studio took it to a whole different level of sound quality and the boys really enjoyed the sights and sounds of the city of culture.

    The debut album attracted a lot of great press and praise. Queens Brian May said “You guys really do look like a potent young Deep Purple but with a new slant - very Classic! And the musicianship is stunning. Amazing vocals, by the way!”

    The follow up album was released on May the 12thand made the UK official midweek top ten and hit number one in the official UK rock chart. The album was mixed by the legendary Kevin Shirleywho has worked with the likes of Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Joe Bonamassa and Black Stone Cherry to name a few. Kevin said " This is the best British band since, well I could say the darkness but i really mean Led Zeppelin, amazing singer, amazing band.

    The Bands 3rd album, has been recorded at Parr Street Studios again, and Mixed again by the legendary Kevin Shirley. This one has it all. A couple of up tempo songs, a more metal routed song, a 6-minute epic, 2 ballads, 1 acoustic and the other big riffy bluesy stuff we are becoming known for. It’s a much darker feeling album and the artwork will reflect this too. The band were in the studio in May to do this, this was released Jan 2019, followed by an album launch tour.




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